23rd July | Youth Creation
VERTEBRATA | Alejandra Balboa (Galicia)
An emotional journey where the body is moved by the noise within. It’s difficult to control internal impulses, to decipher and even dominate them. Fluctuating between the slight suffocation of the attempt and the heavy burden of weakness. The expression of an animal externalizing the different states of matter through movement.
from 7pm - Es pujolet  Free Admission.
A dance-movement performance with improvisation as its main axis, based in the here and now, on group listening, on the possibility of playing and creating with the stimuli proposed by the audience.
from 7pm - Es pujolet · Free Admission
ALTREGO | Cia D’Ones
is a short contemporary dance piece for two dancers taking the egocentric and relational nature of human beings as its starting point the. I can only live from the perspective of a body, but I can only live because I belong to a community. We are ourselves because we are not the other, but without the other I could not be myself. How can we be ourselves and at the same time be together without hurting each other?
20h Es pujolet  Free Admission.
Trenta-set i mig | Mariona Jaume i Maya Triay
Two roads that are walked and walked create a multitude of possibilities.
From 7pm - Es pujolet · Free Admission.
Research | Tripak Colectiboa (País Vasco)
The architectures of the end of the world are those that build the future end of the world.
From 7pm - Es pujolet · Free Admission.
2 d'Agost | Actuacions
I, HER, ME | Cia. Atacama (Italia)
The eyes focus… inside. A woman. Floating among conflicting feelings. The infinite, countless aspects of the human soul, moving from joy to sorrow, fear to wonder, pleasure to shame in the span of a second, revealing the contradictions of the human soul, its leaps and falls, sudden changes and unsolvable contradictions.
From 7pm - Es pujolet 
MATERIA BOSQUE | Exposición audiovisual
Materia Bosque is a selection of video-creations celebrating the poetic force of trees and the forest. Since its creation in 2019 it has brought together more than forty video dance and video art works by artists from different countries, and has been presented in different contexts such as Be Festival, Festival Filmmaking for Social Change or Veranos del Villar.
From 7pm - Es pujolet 
REMINISCENCIA | Malicho Vaca (Chile)
Through a delicate and seductive use of digital platforms, Mauro delves simultaneously into his personal biography and the biography of the city, into both recent memory and deeply embedded scars in an experience that focuses on magical and unique places, revealing an emotional topography,
From 7pm - Es pujolet 
4 d'Agost | Actuacions
PELAT | Joan Català (Catalunya)
elat aims to erase the boundaries between dance, circus, theatre and performance: between the audience and the show. A natural review of handcrafted techniques and personal memories. A unique and changing performance as a result of interaction with the audience.
From 7pm - Es pujolet 
When the music and lights come on the body inevitably begins to move, seeking to release endorphins.
From 7pm - Es pujolet 
DIÀSPORA | Paula Sacur (Xile)
Diaspora embodies and touches migration in different spheres, from the biological to the geographical and the cosmological, where humanity occupies the middle ground.
From 7pm - Es pujolet 
Without clinging to the idea that times past were better, the starting point of Oficis Oblidats is an improvisation between dance, painting and music, recovering bygone occupations.
From 7pm - Es pujolet