July 31st
It's my Party
An exploration of pain, an examination of the purpose of life, and a reflection on success
with Meagan O'Shea & Linnea Swan
Troc! plays with public space and the artists approach the public space, using the street furniture and the landscape to offer a dance linked to the environment.
Cia. Sauf Le Dimanche
August 3rd · 8 to 12 pm  Camp Deulosal
My father was not a famous Russian writer
A body going through an experience. And the narration in stage format of this experience.
with Bárbara Bañuelos
Paramecia and Meteorites
What is life? Based on this question, Paramecia and Meteorites invites us to stare into the microscope and marvel at the diversity and complexity of the smallest forms of life.
with Xesca Salvà & Marc Villanueva
August 5th · 7  to 12 pm  Camp Deulosal
Lo Pequeño
Lo pequeño is a contemporary stage piece with absurd humor that traverses the musical, the suspense and speaks from you to you to the child in each spectator.
de Cris Blanco, Jorge Dutor i Guillem de Palol
The fertile land of the project is the countryside of Mallorca. A terrain that raises the question.
Tot fa brou
Ella, regadora
Ella, regadora, it speaks to us of the wild energy of woman. Creative impulses, intuitive and in a way crazy, out of the norm and gushing from the body like water from a watering can.
with Maya Triay
Volumen 1
Volumen 1 is a piece of contemporary dance, it is a declaration of intentions around movement, community, femininity and rite.
de Mucha Muchacha