Corpus – Les polítiques del tacte by CIA SOTA LA PELL – FABIANA VINAGRE, IRENE PONS & SIMON MALONE

Dates: 21-23/05/2021


Corpus is a collective research process around touch and non-vision as ways to stimulate new ways of perceiving the body, the other and the world. The process has three aspects: a series of research laboratories, some services in the form of an interactive experience of movement and theoretical work, both to collect the impressions and reflections of the participants about the project and to promote a reading group and discussion around the issues that arise during the process.

 We are interested in investigating the meaning of touch in the current context in which everything related to physical contact and skin has become an object of fear and mistrust. In our practice we perceive that it is precisely the relational and temporal quality inherent in touch that allows a deterritorialization of pre-existing conceptions of the body, whether biological, gendered or political, connecting us to a continuum time-space in constant evolution, where the body reveals itself as an event, affected and constructed through its relationships rather than as an isolated classifiable and definable object, and therefore controllable.

 Corpus is born from the need to rethink the relationships between "spectator" and "artist", "object" and "subject", "active" and "passive" as well as other predetermined categories such as "man" and "woman", "citizen" and “refugee”, focusing on the direct experience of the body, moving us away from fixed identities and closed processes. We propose a journey without destination or returns, where new lines of research appear through a continuous search that takes Spinoza's axiom "we do not know what a body can do" as its starting point. Although Corpus has been conceived as a research project, we do not rule out presenting it to the public as an interactive experience, as a workshop or documented in the form of a dossier, blog or video.



Irene Pons

Born in Barcelona in 1992 and seeking to satisfy her expressive desire, she has always resorted to various artistic disciplines, especially dance and video art. They are fields that have become pillars of her creations. The places where she has lived and worked make up a map and an internal imaginary. Barcelona, ​​​​Lille, Brussels, Mallorca and Formentera have been sources of inspiration and creative substance that she has been shaping. Currently, she collaborates in various audiovisual projects and delves into body expression through dance and movement. Her latest piece, "Out of human", is the result of her collaboration with Valeria del Vecchio, a Body Weather dancer with whom she has been able to train this past year. She has also collaborated with other artists such as Simon Malone in Arctic Dreams or Bárbara Riera.


vimeo Irene Pons

Fabiana Vinagre

Trans(in)disciplinary artist born in 1990, in São Paulo, Brazil. The sensory is the main tool of her work, from which she weaves various forms of expression, which unfold in individual productions and collective experimentations with groups of perceptual diversity. She investigates the textures and tessituras of the body and of language, its physicality and virtuality, seeking to create the friction of the colonizing systems of the body and its futures. She has recently completed the Master's Degree in Arts and Artistic Professions at Escuela Sur and participates as an artist-researcher in projects with people with neural/cognitive diversity. Her latest projects have been exhibited at CA Madrid (Babel Papel, 2019), at the X Biennal d’Art de Riudebitlles(Hay una grieta en cada palabra, 2018) and Tabacalera Promoción del Arte (Poéticas del toque, 2018). Her most recent performances are CUON (Dados Negros Art Center, Ciudad Real, 2019), ¡Oye Mira! (La Juan Gallery, 2019) and Poesias Cartográficas (Storm and Drunk Gallery, Madrid, 2020). In 2020 she received the Pilar Juncosa Scholarship for an Artistic Education project entitled Poetics of Matter, at the Fundació Miró Mallorca. She lives and works between Madrid and Mallorca.

Simon Malone

Permormer and translator born in London in 1965. After studying Contemporary History at the SSEES in London, he moved to Mallorca and began his dance studies with Laura Girotto. He continues his training with internationally renowned artists such as Ray Chung, Jess Curtis, Keith Hennessey, Hisako Horisawa and Felix Ruckert. He composes the sound space for several contemporary dance companies. He has studied and practiced aikido for 25 years. Creator and performer of the piece Minotaure (with Magdalena Garzón), Flor y La Muerte, Diálogos I/II, Sota la Pell (with Bárbara Riera and Fran del Jesús), and Arctic Dreams, presented at the Palma amb la Dansa 2018 festival. He participates in the Col·lectiu Encaradansa and is the promoter of the Es Local Creation Space in Son Cladera, Mallorca. He collaborates with various publications related to movement and thought.