Llops tristos of MIQUEL ANGEL RAIÓ



Dates: From 1 to 30 June 2018



LOBOS TRISTES takes place inside a Contemporary Art Museum. One of these completely white museums. Circumstantially, several characters cross paths: the deputy director, the director's secretary, a girl and a boy who are auditioning for a performance.

At the beginning, some of them work and the others are just passing through. But slowly almost all of them will end up living in the Museum, one of them literally and the others emotionally. White space fills in. But if it does so, it is because outside everything makes less and less sense and becomes empty. In this Museum the great retrospective Art and Cannibalism is being prepared (and will never be premiered). A boy, a wolf-boy, escapes from one of the screens and wanders through the rooms of the museum. Like an oracle he observes everything and some of the characters can relate.

The work mixes dance and performance elements, as well as live music. The text is totally violated and ridiculed by the actions. The words gradually lose strength and the gesture wins.

Collaborators: Conchi Almeda, Joan Miquel Artigues, Ann Perelló, Toni Gelabert and Teo Rayón as actors. Nora Sitges-Sardà / Claudi Bombardó (choreographers), Xesca Salvà (set designer), Jaume Manresa / Francisco Sitges-Sardà (musicians), Maria Rosselló (assistant director).



Miguel Ángel Raió

With a degree in Audiovisual Communication, he has worked as a producer of basic advertising for the production companies Oviedo and Picnic. He is currently freelance and occasionally shoots commercials.

His activity is currently focused on video-scenes, working for directors such as Andrés Lima, Miguel del Arco and Carme Portaceli.

He has also directed documentaries exhibited at the Malaga Festival and Memorimage, and has filmed short fiction, video-dance and video-art pieces as a director.

He is co-founder of Cia del Aviador, a theatre company with which he has directed since 2009.


Conchi Almeda

She trained as an actress at the Colegio de Teatro, the Estudio Festino Barocco and the Estudio Nancy Tuñón. Since 2009 she has been part of Javier Galitó-Cava's Meisner Technique Programme.

On the other hand, she has trained as a dancer and has cultivated circus techniques such as drapery and trapeze.

She has participated in different theatrical creations such as El Burguès hidalgo by Molière directed by Pep Antón Gómez or Gótico Urbano directed by James de Paul. She also created the performance groups Las Baches and Proyecto Barbarella.

Co-founder of the Cia del Aviador together with Miguel Ángel Rayón.



Toni Gelabert (actor)


2018 Aladdin. Adapted and directed by Joan Toni Sunyer. Production Manacor Theatre. Character: Aladdin (Musical) El tio Pep. Dramaturgy and direction Joan Toni Sunyer. Production Teatro de Manacor (Musical) Camino quemado (Burnt road). Adaptation, Roser Riera and direction, Roser Riera and Carmen González. Aero-Big. Dramaturgy and direction Tiá Adrover and Moli Quetglas. Othello by William Shakespeare. Adapted and directed by Toni Rosselló. Character: Iago. Se tit y sano tita. Rondalla compiled by Antoni M. Alcover.

2017 Los fusiles de la señor Carra by Bertolt Brecht. Adapted and directed by Joan Toni Sunyer. Production Es Puig. Character: Pedro. Acrobatic Cats, adaptation of the original musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, directed by Nieves Barceló and Petra Maria Llull. Translations by Brian Friel. Adapted and directed by Joan Toni Sunyer. Character: Doalty. The daughter of the sea by Àngel Guimerà. Adapted and directed by Toni Rosselló. Character: Pedro Mártir. Winner of the Buero awards for best regional performance and best national staging.

2016 My Secret by Nadia Gulam and Agnès Rotger. Adapted and directed by Marina Collado. The Odyssey by Homer. Adapted and directed by Joan Toni Sunyer. El restaurante. Dramaturgy and direction Rosa Sunyer.


2018 Amor de Perros, based on the novel by José Manuel Álvarez and produced by Nueva Televisión. Character: Andreu


2015 Letters to the Beyond. Directed by Samuel W. Sanso. Production Project24.

feature films:

2016 LOKUS. Directed by Antoni Truyols and Joan Gomila.


Maria Rosselló (actress / assistant director)

Graduate in Dramatic Art from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, with studies in Catalan Philology from the UIB (University of the Balearic Islands). Trained in theatre from a young age at the Sans School of Performing Arts. She holds a degree in Body and Movement Pedagogy from Mona Belizán. She has been trained in complementary courses of voice, singing, body and camera in the hands of Mariona Sagarra, Nieves Salvá, Magdalena Garzón, Tomeu Vergès, Eduard Cortés, etc.

Director of the show "Lovely", based on the poetry book of the same name by Antònia Vicens (2017).

Actress in several theatre productions with the companies and/or producers Teatro Principal, Estudio Cero, Teatro de Barra, Jardín Desolado, Microteatre. Among the latest productions: "El Balcón" by Jean Genetta directed by Rafel Duran. In the Teatro de Barra she has worked under the direction of Pere Pau Sancho, Ferran Bex, Pep Ramon Cerdà ... Winner of the award "Best Actress 2016" in the IX edition of Teatro de Barra. A Jardín Desolado with "Hamlet Party", etc.

Actress in numerous plays for children and young people with Estudio Cero and Arsis Producciones.

At television she has acted in the production "En vida tuya" by Ferran Bex, Nueva Televisión, for IB3 and in some short films (CEF). She is currently co-presenting an excursion programme with the production company Miraprim, for IB3.

Experience in voice-overs (presenter of the cultural agenda Los Entusiastas, for IB3), dubbing and presentation of various formal events, such as the XXIV City of Palma Awards 2015.

She has been a solo singer with the group Maria Rosselló y Los Botifanfarrons for five years, apart from other musical projects. She has long experience as a drama teacher for all ages; she works in a programme to promote reading, as a storyteller, in the school of Campanet. She is currently a clown for Sonrisa Médica.


Claudi Bombardó Oriol (choreographer)

Born in Barcelona, she began her dance studies at the Institut del Teatre. He then entered the John Cranko Schule in Stutgart and later the Heinz Bosl Stiftung in Munich where he graduated. From 1992 to 2003 she worked with the Vienna Opera Company where, apart from the classical repertoire, she performed pieces by Balanchine, Kilyan, Neumeier, Scholtz, Zanela, Hans Van Manen, Stromgren and others. Parallel to his career as a dancer he started his career as a choreographer creating works for different companies such as the Vienna Opera, Graz, Thessaloniki, abcdancecompany, IT Dansa.... His works have been presented in different festivals in Israel, Spain, Greece, Italy and Germany.

In 2005 he created together with Nora Sitges-Sardà the company CONTRAPUNCTUSdp in Barcelona with which they have presented more than 20 creations in different theatres and festivals, inside and outside Spain. They have participated in several video dance shootings and have collaborated for the creation or adaptation of movement in opera and theatre productions.

Since 2007, he has worked as a resident choreographer at the Institut del Teatre, has participated in educational projects based on movement and corporal expression in various high schools in Barcelona and continues to collaborate with different artists and creative projects, as in the case of the Trío Terraza with the show Imaginando Miró.


Nora Sitges-Sardà (dancer and choreographic assistant)

Born in Barcelona, she began her classical dance studies in 1986 with Laura Mas. In 1997 she joined the first class of IT Danza, directed by Catherine Allard in Barcelona. Throughout her career she has worked with choreographers such as W. Forsythe, J. Godani, N. Duato, O. Naharin, J. Kylián, P. Delacroix, B. Marshall, Sh. Bitton, W. McGregor, A. Preljocaj, C. Bombardó, I. Galili, Yo Stromgren, Carole Armitage among others in different European companies.

From 2005 to 2012 she worked as a freelance dancer in projects directed by different international choreographers (W. Forsythe, Jacopo Godani, Liz King, Robert Poole, Karl Schreiner, ...) and started her career as a choreographic assistant.

From 2012 to 2015 she worked in Munich as assistant director and assistant of the company of the Gärtnerplatz Theater and in 2015 she joined the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, directed by Jacopo Godani in Frankfurt, as a dancer.

She has created, together with the choreographer Claudio Bombardó, the company CONTRAPUNCTUSdp in Barcelona with which they have presented more than 20 creations in different theatres and festivals, inside and outside the Spanish territory, they have participated in several video dance shootings and have collaborated for the creation or adaptation of movement in opera and theatre productions.

She currently works as a choreographic assistant for IT Dansa, the company of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and continues to collaborate with different choreographers and international artists in different projects and creations.