WITH Marion Moranta
from June 24 to 30

POLILLAS is a choreographic piece in progress that investigates the emergence of desire in cases of mental depression. The formal idea of ​​the work exposes a chase between two women in which desire functions as a motor of movement, formalizing its operation in the mimesis of movement, trajectory and form.

The stillness of solitude makes clear the need for movement to be part of a dynamic society. The French artist Sophie Calle in her first work PEDESTRIANS finds in the pursuit of Parisian pedestrians a traction that dispels the depression and senselessness in which she finds herself. The discovery of this work initiates the creation of POLILLAS, awakening the curiosity to understand the mimetic and mobile nature of desire.

This choreographic creation is a proposal by Virginia Martín that is welcomed and taken collectively by the artists Mariona Moranta, performer and creator, and Irene Ontiveros, performer, creator and costume designer. We will also have the composition of a musical piece created by the work of the composer Amore.

Marion Moranta