EiMa is a way of doing and thinking. In fact, EiMa is a word in progressive disuse that alludes to the innate capacity we have as people to do things sensibly, carefully and correctly; to discern and orient ourselves towards what is good for us and for others.

And so it is, we want to review and discern the successes, the voices heard from other artists, the obligatory corrections of the creative processes, the choreographic drawings, the silences, the improvisations, the texts, the impulses, the visual and sound stimuli that have nourished us, the creations made with peripheral ages, the orientation we have given to the pedagogy of movement, the attentive look at the creative processes of the children, the imprecision or blurring of the creative processes, because they are this, the vulnerability of making it public, making visible what is usually invisible. ... and everything is reviewed in order to put a high dose of EiMA in the project that we still have to go through.

We start from the desire to encourage and share curiosity which, after all, is the engine that creates the movement. But little by little, filtering and impregnating the atmosphere with the necessary confidence by the fact that participating is not an outsider, but becomes necessary and indispensable.