Es pecado que una virgen ría con descaro

WITH Milagros García Salgueiro
25 – 30 JANUARY
Es pecado que una virgen ría con descaro is my first manifesto.

Es pecado que una virgen ría con descaro proposes the creation of a long-duration stage piece based on the language of movement. It presents a poetic universe based on the figure of the walled-in women: women who during the European Late Middle Ages decided to self-confine themselves in small cells within urban centers as a rejection of the kinship system and gender norms of the time. From this image, I have worked with the purpose of building a stage proposal that invites, suggests, and offers a universe from a poetic and immersive perspective, avoiding falling into static, reductionist, and one-directional representations. I have been searching for and generating different hypotheses to create a dialogue between these historical figures and the contemporary feminist discourses that permeate me.

At the same time, I have been intrigued to discover new avenues of mediation between the poetics of the body, the poetics of sound, the poetics of space, and the poetics of light. From the outset, I have been inviting different artists to be part of the project: Joan Cot Ros in sound, Iván Cascón in lighting, Claudia Vilà and Sabrina Lescano in scenic design and costume, and Sam Morrison in texts. . One of my main objectives has been and continues to be to generate meeting spaces where each of these artists becomes involved in the research and creation process from its beginnings, bringing their perspectives, their sensibilities, all while engaging directly with the proposal. Other artists who have been collaborating during the process include: Jordi Cardoner, Charol Stefano, Cecília Colacrai, Leo Castro, and Enric Fàbregas.

Milagros García Salgueiro

(Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1993)

She graduated in 2014 in Dance Methods from the Provincial University of Córdoba, Argentina, receiving a scholarship for academic merit. While living in Córdoba, she was part of the companies Altibajos Constant Movement, Manifiesto/Movement Artistic, Cortejo Escena, and Cía Macho, and danced on various stages in the city. Since 2016, she has been living in Barcelona, where she has collaborated as a performer in ReMouTe by the Association of Dance Professionals of Catalonia (2016), LA (HORDE) (2016), LaCerda (2017), Grupo Rotonda (2019), João Fiadeiro (2019), LaSúbita (2021), Colectivo Lamajara (2020-21), Exploding Fest (2021), Los Informalls (2021- ), Big Bouncers (2022), Lucas Condró (2022- ), and Mal Pelo (2023).