Ella, regadora

WITH Maya Triay
"Ella, regadora" is a contemporary dance solo created during the year 2021. It is a piece for non-conventional spaces, which works with structured improvisations exploring the theme of wild female energy.

Creative impulses, intuitive and in a way crazy, that leave the norm and that flow from the body like water from a watering can. The inevitability of these impulses reminds us of the rainwater that falls without control, the innocence of a child when he plays completely oblivious to danger.

For me, this is a very intimate piece in constant change and evolution. After having participated in several festivals, meetings and fairs, we are now giving it a twist, rethinking some questions of the choreographic structure, as well as the sound space used. During the week of residence at EiMa we will revisit and update it, so that this piece can remain alive and active.

Maya Triay

Born in Palma de Mallorca. She studied the professional degree in contemporary dance in Munich at the Iwanson International School for Contemporary Dance. She spent a year at the Swiss company Cinevox Junior and in July 2018 won the Jury Prize in the Young Choreographers competition. In August 2018, he joined Bialy Teatr Tanza, a contemporary dance company from Warsaw, under the artistic direction of Izadora Weiss. She has also worked as a dancer in several operas for the Opera Narodowa, Opera Kameralna and Opera Bialystok theaters (Poland). Currently, she resides again in Mallorca, where he works as an interpreter in the play MiraMiró by Cia Baal. She is also part of the Board of Directors of the Professional Dance Association of the Balearic Islands.

As a performer, Maya is energetic, creative and passionate, not afraid to highlight her personality through movement. Strong, sensual and elegant at the same time. She particularly enjoys exploring improvisation, flying low and contact techniques, and is comfortable with work that pushes the dancer's physicality.