Electric seeds

Electric Seeds is a work in progress aimed at a live cinema audiovisual spectacle where traditional materials and practices, such as Andean ceramics and textiles, are transformed, showcasing chemical and physical processes as part of the scene.

Video projections controlled with woven interfaces and a crystal growth system that, in turn, control light, audio, and video. Our goal is to create a multimedia performance, a celebration of around 40 minutes of high and low-tech rituals, where experimental processes of imagery, audio, and light guide the audience through an aquatic, alkaline, and expanded experience.


We are two artists who experiment and connect technologies and handmade work in novel ways. By integrating approaches of low and slow technology into our working processes, we demonstrate an alternative and accessible way to interact with technology.

Much of our practice is very delicate and time-consuming: weaving, building electronic sculptures, programming software to synchronize the choreography of all elements on stage. Our works involve various stages such as exploring and combining traditional practices, such as traditional weaving and ceramics, with contemporary digital technologies. Through these methods, we actively engage in the creative process and challenge traditional notions of technology.

Aruma is currently based in Chile. Karla, of German origin, has been living in Spain for over a decade. We began collaborating in 2019. Since then, we have had several encounters, full of challenges regarding travel and work locations.