Sound space workshop

WITH Jaume Manresa
13 - 14 JANUARY
Workshop led by Jaume Manresa designed to engage in dialogue with professionals from the performing arts fields.


We will discuss where sound originates and its necessity, as well as how it relates to performers and space. What do we understand by sound dramaturgy? How does its spatiality relate? How can we create discourse and narrative through the specific implementation of sound? We will explain specific concepts of the sound world and conduct a practical test of some tools that facilitate this task today. However, the basic purpose is to create a working environment where each individual, from their scenic experience, can begin to develop curiosity and creativity within the sound field.

13 - 14 JANUARY
Schedule: The workshop will be 8 hours long, divided into two sessions of four hours each: January 13th and 14th from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM.
Price: 60‚ā¨
Bookings: Reservation with prior bank transfer is essential · Limited spots available Bank account: ES79 2056 0004 4920 1271 5526 concept: name + sound space workshop For more information: | +34 670 084 342
Jaume Manresa
Graduate in Catalan Philology. Self-taught musician. He is a member of the pop band Ant√≤nia Font since its beginnings. At the same time, he has trained in interpretation, dance and movement with professionals such as Tomeu Verg√©s, Maria Mu√Īoz and Pep Ramis -Malpelo-, Mariant√≤nia Oliver or Philippe Gaulier (Paris). As a composer, he is the author of the music and sound space design of Para√≠so Perdido (2022), Shock 1 and Shock 2 (2021-2019), Principiantes (2021), Prostituci√≥n (2020), El Chico de la √öltima Fila (2019) , La Vuelta de Nora (2018), Moby Dick (2018), Sue√Īo (2017), La Mare (2017), Les Bruixes de Salem (2016), Medea (2015), Desde Berlin (2014) and El Malent√®s (2013), all directed by Andr√©s Lima, director with whom he currently forms an artistic team. He has worked with other directors such as Jos√© Martret, La Malcontenta (2019), El Hombre Duplicado (2017) and Hedda Gabler (2015); Ferran Carvajal Not a moment soon (2016); Rafel Dur√°n, El Balc√≥ (2016). He regularly collaborates with Cia. Mariant√≤nia Oliver as a performer-dancer, musician and assistant director: La Cont√≠nua (2021), Las Much√≠simas (2018), Encaixar (2015), Malmenats (2013), Las Muchas (2012) and Nou (2010). As a musician, he has been part of the Acapulco All Stars orchestra accompanying Jaume Sisa and of Surfistes en C√†mera Lenta accompanying Joan Miquel Oliver - with whom he continues to play today. He is also a music producer (with Ant√≤nia Font, Pere Janer, Joana Gomila Folk Souvenir, Da Souza...). In the audiovisual field, he has provided music to the documentary Flames a la Fosca -about the life and work of Bartomeu Rossell√≥-P√≤rcel, directed by Juanjo Sunyer and Alberto Jarabo-, to Ca meva amb Arbres -documentary about the life and work of Dami√† Huguet, directed by Miquel √Ängel Rai√≥-, and the fiction series Pep.