Perdre el cap

WITH Mariantònia Oliver
4 – 17 JANUARY
"PERDRE EL CAP" is a research, experimentation, and choreographic creation project based on reflection around the figure of the acrobat as a historical circus figure that represented a paradigm shift in the way we understand our relationship with space, breaking away from conventional verticality (the natural form of the human species) and defying gravity.

From an aesthetic point of view, drawing on the concept of the aestheticization of shiver (as coined by Francine Fourmeaux), we will explore our gravitational identity. Thus, “PERDRE EL CAP” is an exploration of origins, the ancestral, that which roots us to the earth and gives us the strength to rise. It’s a mane inhabited by a mythological being, a symbiosis between animality and sensuality. It is a collaborative project involving different creators and technicians, constructed in various layers, a creation traversed by multiple levels.

Mariantònia Oliver

She is a choreographer, dancer and cultural manager. In 1985, together with Maria Muñoz, they created the professional contemporary dance group La Dux, and in 1988 he founded his own company with the show "Ocho". For almost 20 years she lived and worked in Barcelona, where she participated in numerous projects both as a performer, for example with Mark Tompkins and Tomàs Aragay, as a creator, together with Juan Márquez and Jordà Farré. Since 2000 she has been based in Mallorca, where she has developed her choreographic career and an interest in socially transformative aspects of the performing arts. Her project "Las Muchas" and "Las Muchísimas" stands out, where she works with non-professional elderly people. She has also promoted and manages the EiMa Creation Center in Maria de la Salut and has given life to La Impossible, a small body arts training center in Palma, where she also works as a pedagogue.