WITH ac.Eka.z
13-19 MAY

This artistic residency is an investigation of musical, everyday, urban, natural and corporal sounds for the creation of experimental bases of Rap boom bap, hipsoul and chillout in order to continue to nourish all the current and future projects.


Mestiza from Abya Yala, audiovisual producer, hiphopper, workshop artist, beatmaker. In 2012 Eka meets the Hip Hop Culture, connecting with graffiti in the city of Cali, and then in 2014 he gets involved with Rap through his writings in the city of Bogotà, Colombia. In the search to maintain his struggle, he finds in Hip Hop a way to connect with Activism, Music and Art. Conforming and participating in different groups, projects, foundations and collectives related to collective work, the Hip Hop movement, migration, feminism, anti-racism and the protection of nature. As a soloist, he has been visiting cities in Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Spain, showing and feeding back his skills and creations based on Hip Hop culture.