SLMFV. Si los martes fueran viernes – Laboratori d’Improvisació

WITH Valentina Azzati &i Milagros García Salgueiro.
1 - 2 JUNE
Improvisation Scene Labs are our workspace and experimentation ground. Here, the focus is not only on training the improviser but also on delving deeper into the study of instant composition and practicing the relationship between the composing bodies and other scenic variables: sound, light, space, and costume. In these labs, we study tools that enrich and emancipate creators when facing real-time composition.

What does it mean to improvise, and what decisions are at play when composing instantly? What potentials emerge when composing collectively?

The Labs are organized into three parts: warm-up, improvisation training, and, finally, instant composition. As the Lab progresses, the boundaries between each part of the class blur, with the aim of gradually arriving at a global class concept governed by our main premise: we are constantly composing and creating in real-time.

Part I: Warm-Up

SLMFV begins each class with a block of improvisations aimed at warming up while dancing. The main idea of this block is to understand temperature as a scenic variable, developing and nurturing our connection with it. The warm-up ritual consists of four compositions, each lasting the duration of one musical track (always different).

Part II: Improvisation

Training In this segment of the lab, we focus on training the body for performance. The practice proposed is the same as that for improviser training, with the difference that the duration of the exercises may be slightly longer. We train differentiation, coordination, design, tone, and mobility of body parts. We seek to consolidate a dance (at a postural level) that involves the body in its most global sense, full of meaning and discourse, whatever its nature may be. This translates into specific exercises that vary according to the group and the moment. The main objective of the training is to emancipate the performer from predominant creation logics and give them 100% creative value and responsibility for what they will do on stage. For this reason, in this space, we do not work from or for any specific physical language. We work on dance and the richness of each specific body, aiming to enhance what exists without discursively influencing any proposal.

Part III: Instant Composition

The compositional perspective permeates the entire class. However, in the last part of each session, SLMFV focuses directly on the practice of instant compositions. In this process, pieces are composed while allowing more space for observation, collective feedback, group debate, and the analysis of each piece. All this is to understand discursively how to name and understand what we are creating. This is the workshop moment where we focus on fully studying the performer’s relationship with sound, lighting, costume, and/or set design, depending on the resources available at the Lab’s location. We stop training to start creating. As the group develops its level of composition, this segment of the class gains prominence.

1 - 2 JUNE
Schedule: Intensive days, from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Price: 70€
Bookings: Maximum 12 people, * Important pre-registration by email before May 30:
Valentina Azzati &i Milagros García Salgueiro.
Valentina Azzati Dancer specialized in instant composition, trained between Argentina and Spain. Alongside her dance studies, she ventures into stage direction, including theatrical lighting and costume design in her choreographic work. She is co-founder and co-director of "Si Los Martes Fueran Viernes." Since 2019, she has also co-directed the company La Cerda with Edward Tamayo Ruiz and Johann Perez Viera. She works as a performer and technical manager for the company Los Informalls, created and directed by Luis Garcia and Pere Joseph Vilaplana, and collaborates with other artists in various stage and audiovisual creations. Since residing in Europe, she has mainly studied with Julyen Hamilton, David Zambrano, and Horacio Macuacua. She has worked as a choreographic assistant for La Fura dels Baus and as a dancer for the latest advertising campaigns of Estrella Damm, El Corte Inglés, and Movistar. Milagros García Salgueiro Graduated from the Dance Methods Technical Program at the Provincial University of Córdoba, Argentina, in 2014, receiving the Academic Merit Scholarship. Since 2016, she has lived in Barcelona. She has collaborated as a performer for ReMouTe of the Association of Dance Professionals of Catalonia (2016); LA (HORDE) (2016); LaCerda (2017); Grupo Rotonda (2019); João Fiadeiro (2019); LaSúbita (2021); Colectivo Lamajara "Ígnea" (2020/2021); Exploding Fest (2021); Lucas Condró (2022); Big Bouncers (2022). Since 2018, she has co-directed and co-produced the project "Si los martes fueran viernes" with Valentina Azzati. He has trained together with Marina Mascarell, João Fiadeiro, Lucas Condró, Mal Pelo, David Zambrano, Horacio Macuacua, Vera Mantero, Julyen Hamilton, among others.