Maya Triay - Ella, Regadera
with the support of the Teatre Principal de Palma
Dates: Mayo 2022

Ella, regadera speaks of the wild energy of women, of impulses that are creative, intuitive and maybe even deranged, pushing boundaries, streaming from the body like water from a fountainhead. The inexorability of these impulses recall torrential rainfall; the innocence of a child playing, completely oblivious to danger.

Creative abundance even though often repressed, will always find a way to spring up to the surface, at times uncontrollably, wildly, roaring fiercely. Time to stop and ask myself, what is it that I need? What is it that I want to cry out to the world? What happens when I allow myself to be carried away by instinct?

When we allow ourselves to listen to this emotional truth, to this intuitive wisdom, we become children again. Without fear of being judged; knowing nothing of social norms and set  behaviour. We can dance like flowing water.


Maya Triay was born in Palma de Mallorca. She studied at the Iwanson School for Contemporary Dance in Munich. She then spent a year with the Swiss Company Cinevox Junior and in July 2018 was awarded the Jury Prize in the Young Choreographers Competition. In August 2018 she joined Bialy Teatr Tanza, a contemporary dance company based in Warsaw directed by Izadora Weiss. She has also performed as a dancer for the Opera Narodowa, the Opera Kameralna and the Opera Bialystok in Poland.  She is currently living in Mallorca and performing in Cia Baal’s MiraMiró. She is also on the Governing Board of the Balearic Islands Professional Dance Association.   

As a performer, Maya is energetic, creative and passionate; she is not afraid to reveal her personality through movement. Strong, sensual yet elegant, she particularly enjoys exploring improvisational techniques, Flying Low and Contact and she feels comfortable with work that tests the physicality of the dancer.