¿Soy un monstruo o es esto ser una persona? - Auba Lladó i Elena Castellanos
Residence with exchange in Azala (Lasierra, Álava) and with the support of  Teatro Principal de Palma
: August 2022



What is it in the grotesque that is so much attractive? The contemplation of the grotesque will overpower whoever witnesses it, either through pleasure or aversion. The transgression of the limits imposed by “the natural order”, empathy towards the strange or aversion towards what is considered monstrous are the questions that this investigation aims to answer through the body in motion.    

¿Soy un monstruo o es eso ser persona? is a research proposal where five bodies come together to export the limits of identity. The limits of the impossible and exaggeration in the complex world of the grotesque and its connection with the absurd and the carnivalesque.      

 If we were to swallow the unconscious limits and parameters that hold sway over the ways we perceive, act, feel, be ... would we become monsters?



The origin of this project lies in the meeting of five performers and choreographers, who after studying between Madrid, Mallorca, Catalunya and Sevilla came together in Madrid to finish their studies at the CSDMA.  After a series of proposals in the form of duos and trios ¿Soy un monstruo o es eso ser persona?  is the first piece to bring the five together, starting a period of collaboration through a project with an interest in digging deep into the buried aspects of human identity, in exploring movement without limits or restrictions.

Photography: Lucía Fernández

Dancer: Elena Castellanos