Juan González - El bosque, lo que nos observa
Date: January 2022

Juan Gonzalez Studio Residency from 7 to 14 January 2022

I am designing a practical itinerary of forest baths as an enhancer of creative processes. The prototype is being developed in the creative space Azala, located in the town of Lasierra, in the south of the Basque Country, where the Atlantic and Mediterranean geobotanical slopes converge. At Azala, the artists spend between one and two weeks in residence working on their respective creative processes. The proposal consists of an invitation to immerse themselves in the surrounding forests through unique routes and a scheduled daily programme, through which the resident artists strengthen the idea of "receptivity", "the ability to listen" to what the place itself offers.

What happens if, while observing the forest, we allow the forest to observe us?

A forest bath is a sensory immersion in nature. It is about reconnecting with the forest of which we are a part, because we are also nature.

During the residency at EiMa, as well as continuing to work on the design, I would like to share this proposal with interested people, as well as getting to know the island's forests and trees.


Juan González Tejedo: is co-director of the creation space Azala and member of the Basoalde association. Since 2019 he has been training in different applications of the Forest Baths.