Enfangades de Úrsula Urgelés (support of Teatre Principal de Palma)


Dates: 19 – 31/7/21


A show not yet thought of, a sculpture not modeled yet, or a a choreography not choreographed yet. We will play with the great number of possibilities that can be found in working together, to arrive at creating a contingency from a faithful and precise point at the time it is carried out.



Úrsura Urgelés

Born in Mallorca in 2000, she began her studies at the Llar Dansa school in Palma, with Susana Aledo and Aina Pascual as her main mentors. She complemented her training in Barcelona at the Luthier Dansa School, where she attended several tap and jazz intensives, with teachers such as Victor Rodrigo, Matias Martinez and Guillem Alonso. In 2019, she graduated to the Professional Dance Conservatory of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, ​​​​for the specialty of contemporary dance.. She received the Extraordinary Prize for Professional Artistic Teaching of Catalonia corresponding to the 2018-2019 call in the field of dance, and won the Art Jove Prize of the Balearic Islands for best performer 2019. She is currently part of the 2019 promotion as a titular dancer - 2021 of the young company IT Dansa.


Tòfol Sastre

Self-taught artist born in Mallorca in 1963, he is a painter of Mallorcan abstract expressionism, with traces of surrealism. He began to exhibit in 1982, the year in which he was selected for the Ciutat de Palma awards. In 2006 he presented the exhibition at the Capilla de la Misericordia, “El tems pinta”, with large-format canvases.


In 2009 the Albopas publishing house published “Interiors Invertebrats”, which together with the poet Antoni Gost, completes the end of his cycle of exploration of poetic calligraphy. He has exhibited in Mallorca and also in Barcelona, Madrid, Lyon, Paris, A Coruña and Santa Mònica among other cities. His wokr “Sembré”has been accompanied by other arts, especially poetry and music. He works, among others, with poets such as Lluís Maicas and Antoni Gost. He has collaborated with the ACA Musical Foundation, and together with Antoni Torres, participates in the creation of the Sala Central en Muro, a space for exhibition and artistic promotion.


Ariadna Miró Carceller

Born in Castellar del Vallès in 1999, she began her training at the age of 6 in Sabadell and at 11 she entered the Professional Dance Conservatory of the Institut de Teatre de Barcelona, ​​specializing in classical dance. After 7 years, she continued her training with the ArtDance IDP program during two courses in which she had the opportunity to work with the Ballet Landestheatre Eisenach of Germany and dance at the Grant Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona with the production of La Gioconda. She is currently part of the KoRPo Dance Project professional dance company.