COL·LECTIU UNAIUNA with suport of Teatre Principal de Palma

Dates: from 7 to 11 of September 



During their artistic residency at EiMa, Unaiuna collective seeks to wonder about a series of questions regarding their own artistic practice:

Why do we like to dance? Do we like to dance if no one is watching us? Is the coding of the dance done to the person moving or watching? Is contemporary dance trying to keep up with fashion or trying to get away with it? Does training as a choreographer or performer take away your freedom? When we create, do we try to please our “self” as a spectator? Who is the real creator, the choreographer or the needs of the viewer? When you create, do you really do what you want to do? Do we live in a world that is already choreographed? Why do we like to see people dance? What is the satisfaction of consuming dance and consuming culture? Where does the pleasure of dancing lie? 



UNAIUNA was born from the union of two choreographers and dancers who have the same academic, artistic and professional background. Laura Lliteras and Marina Fullana met while studying for a professional degree in classical dance in Mallorca, and then moved to Barcelona to study for a professional degree in contemporary dance and a higher degree in choreography at the Institut del Teatre. When they finished their training, they became part of the young IT dance company, under the direction of Catherine Allard.

Throughout their academic training, they had always had creative concerns, but it was not until they finished IT dance that they created the company UNAIUNA to give flight to the services of their own creations.


Their first piece, entitled "Dosis", which talks about the relationship of two women and the personality of each of them, as well as the femininity and the figure of women in society, through a filter of madness and humor. This ten-minute piece won the Art Jove prize for contemporary dance in the Balearic Islands, and also won the Sólo Dos en Danza España award with a tour of Costa Rica.

The piece “All inclusive” (2017) talks about the overexploitation of tourism that we are experiencing in Spain, specifically in the Balearic Islands, and the figure of the “guiri”. "All Inclusive" has performed in Spain, Portugal and Italy and was selected for the Quinzena Metropolitana festival in Barcelona and is currently touring with RED A CIELO ABIERTO and the European program ContactZones (EU).