EN CONSTRUCCIÓ by Cia Mariantònia Oliver

Dates: from February 25 to March 3 2019



The creative research process revolves around two axes: acrobatic body taxation and rarity (as a reason for affection and empathy).

We want to generate a reflection on the various layers that delimit and limit the human condition and its corporeality and highlight how the external and artificial end up imposing an image of ourselves.




Mariantònia Oliver

She is a choreographer, dancer and cultural manager. In 1985, together with Maria Muñoz, they created the professional contemporary dance group La Dux, and in 1988, they created their own company with the show Ocho.

For almost 20 years she lived and worked in Barcelona where she participated in numerous projects as a performer, for example with Mark Tompkins or Tomàs Aragay, as a creator, together with Juan Márquez or Jordà Farré.

Since 2000 she has been based in Mallorca where she has developed his choreographic career and an interest in socially transformative aspects of the performing arts. She highlights his project “Las Muchas” and “Las Muchísimas” where she works with non-professional seniors.

She has also promoted and manages EiMa Creació, a creation center in Maria de la Salut and has given life to La Impossible, a small body arts training center in Palma, where she also works as a pedagogue.