Dates: July 2nd and 3rd


A workshop about the connection between mind and body from the codes of movement, exploring in the field of perception, spatiality, body imagery and physicality. Based on floor work, somatic techniques, improvisation and choreographic composition elements.


 July 2nd and 3rd from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


€ 60


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50% to pay in advance to reserve a spot



This training space aims to introduce technical and expressive elements of floor work, somatic techniques, improvisation and elements of choreographic composition.

 We generate a space for sensory and practical immersion in relation to the mobility and particularities of each body. We foster the connection of mind and body from the codes of movement, exploring in the field of perception, spatiality, bodily imaginary and physicality. The development of the body as a creative and playful potential will be favored.


Overall goal:

Generate a learning space from the technical elements of moviment and contemporary dance, through the participants' own body awareness and mastery, increasing their communication, expressive and creative skills.




  1. Entry into the body from the imagery: awareness of movement, breathing and enabling internal spaces (own body). Development of self-observation and principles of somatic techniques.


  1. Instructions for activating mobility and developing physicality. Movement sequences and mini choreographies.


  1. Guided improvisations: research of the movement through indications aimed at developing creative and playful skills among the participants. Network exploration: space, time, energy and interrelationships


Aimed at:

 Anyone interested in the movement.



Notebook and pen for taking notes, comfortable and loose-fitting clothes



Facilitated by Cristóbal Santa María Cea:

Dancer, teacher and cultural manager trained in Dance Degree at the University Academy of Christian Humanism (ex espiral).

He has received training in performing arts with several teachers: Thomas Hauert, Ana Garat, Gustavo Lesgart, Francisco Córdova, Peter Jasko, Alito Alessi, Thusnelda Mercy, Lucas Condró, David Zambrano, among others. He has been a performer in Cia .. Spiral Dance, Joel Inzunza, Cia. and Pablo Zamorano (Chile), and processes of creation and production of works with the creators: Pablo Rotemberg (Argentina), Chevi Muraday (Spain), Thomas Bentin (Denmark), antimethod (Chile) and Miquel Barcelona (Catalonia).

Interested in the practices of improvisation, exploration and research of the moviment with training in Contemporary Dance techniques in Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Spain. His work revolves around teaching, creation, interpretation and cultural management.

Currently based in Barcelona, ​​studying Postgraduate Creation at AREA Espai de Dansa i Creació, where he also worked as a teacher of contemporary dance and improvisation techniques.