Paula Quintana – Huerto
Dates: Marzo 2022


An artistic work in which astrophysical sciences, biochemical sciences and the so-called 'occult sciences' coexist, crossed from the physical and organic experience - Situating the body not as a tool, but as a source of knowledge in itself, inhabiting us as its own galaxy of systems and knowledge that dialogue and intertwine - Experiencing in the body the effects of allowing innovative relationships between knowledge - sensitive experience-action. Through a fabulous and mythical narrative, constructing a global, poetic, critical and transformative artistic universe.


Creator, performer. Her work is based on a personal language that hybridises styles and techniques to multiply the layers of language and meanings, creating a link with the spectator at different levels, intellectual and visceral, in a firm commitment to the context in which we live and the search for genuine forms and modes, at the service of each creation. It conceives and develops artistic work at the service of two unwavering axes: the commitment to research and artistic creation, and the determination to establish a real, sincere and possible dialogue with citizens and their time on the other.