La mujer (del) francotirador - Barbara Bañuelos 
with the support of the Teatre Principal de Palma
fecha: Agost 20222




A research project into the female body and literature.

In most cases in world literature, women’s bodies have been narrated, described and constructed by masculine voices.

What are the belief systems that these images have established?

How has the female body been transformed throughout the history of literature?

What is the collective imagery that must be reflected upon?

What are the narratives we wish to build from our own bodies, identities and thinking subjectivities.

 A grounding exercise that places the body and its plasticity as the principal tool for articulating these questions in a performance space.



 Barbara was formed, deformed and transformed between Burgos, Madrid, London and New York. She combines her performance work with musical projects.

Her research-creation projects use the autobiographical self as a starting point for becoming an expansive self (we), where concepts such as memory, imagination, time, reality-fiction, the body as a living archive come into play,  to be seen from a different place, transiting from the personal to the social.  

Her first staged performance 90dB was awarded the Injuve prize in 2019.

With Inventario, memòries d'una aspiradora along with hundreds of found papers and objects compiled over the last 23 years, she has traversed a series different performance and exhibition spaces.

El meu pare no era un famós escriptor rus, a performance documentary is a personal and collective reflection into the body and mental health.

Her latest piece is Fer Nit, a conversation for two about the many. A narrative connection between bodies that suffer the effects of power, job insecurity, vulnerability and mental suffering. A dialogue on our contemporary madness.   

These pieces have been performed at the Festival BAD, Festival Sâlmon, Mercat de les Flors, Festival IDEM, La Casa Encendida, Artium, Teatro Abadia, Festival TNT, Teatro Calderón in Valladolid, Conde Duque, Musac, Artium, Caixa Forum, Teatro Pradillo, Festival Escena Abierta, Festival Plataforma, L'Altre festival…