ilDance - Schism


In this residency, Israel Aloni and their collaborators will be starting the creation process of Schism which will premier and tour in Sweden in September - October 2022. Schism is a dance-focused multidisciplinary work that explores our acceptance of the notion of borders, and how it affects our perception of the world. Schism takes on the challenge to describe the world around us by alternative means and explore the blurred boundaries between citizenship and prison, between desire and obsession, between reason and madness, and between us and them. Schism is an intimate performative act which takes place in a uniquely eye-shaped room in which the boundaries are blurred by the intimate proximity between the performers and the audience. 


In this residency, Aloni will be working together with Lærke Apelon, Stina Strange Thue and Sounds like Minq (Spencer Carter) 


Concept: Israel Aloni

Choreography: Israel Aloni & cast 

Cast: Smadar Goshen, Laerke Appelon ,Spencer Carter and Israel Aloni

Creative collaborator: Stina Strange Thue

Sound design: Spencer Carte, Aida Nadeem

Lighting design: Johan Bjellsäter

Costume & space design: Linnea Bågander


Information about ilDance:

ilDance is an international and independent contemporary dance company and organisation which initiates and operates several pioneer and international projects. The company was founded in 2012 by Artistic Directors Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer and it is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.