Reflex One by RAQUEL KLEIN (with the support of Teatre Principal)

Dates: 19-31/07/2021



The concept of reflection as a starting point, the body as the main axis of maneuver. What is reflected through the doing, what is transferred and what reverberates. The communication between the one who looks and the one who makes.

The reflection through plastic materials, they also understand the body as such. Creating light from the rebound, through sounds, multiplying or accumulating different layers at a perceptive level that reflect, develop and propose new forms of perception and composition.

It is a search for physical and compositional pillars that accept the margin of random composition. With parameters aimed at building scenes, landscapes or corporeal strata. It seeks an organicity of the body so that the physical path has a construction logic, possibly architectural, where it is not a body that is forced, but that flows, rests, creates structures to go accumulating on these the physical complexity, the limit, the fine line of the imbalance of the parts, the oppositions and looking for the internal non-logic, to get out of the established patterns.



Raquel Klein is a creator, teacher and performer. She graduated in Choreography and Performance at the Institut de Teatre de Barcelona and in Interior Design at ESDAP.

As a creator, her first work Wu Wei was presented to the Flower Market Programming 2019-2020, at the Teatro Principal de Palma 2020 and within the Festival de la Quinzena Metropolitana de Danza en la Caldera 2018 with the support of Teatres de Canal, EiMa and the Graner. His latest piece of only 1.28 is an investigation around the work Wu Wei, was winner of ArtJove 2017 and MM & I - Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid.

In recent years she has shared proposals, language and works with different national artists (as an artist of the Project # FF90 of the Fàbrica de Creació d'El Graner, Barcelona)and international artists (as a proposed artist and accompanied by Mercat de les Flors in a three-year exchange with Westkowloon - Hong Kong between 2018 and 2020), she has begun to investigate other perspectives to enable new ways to create and reach different artistic and plastic languages in one).

As a performer, she has recently worked with Sibèria-Paloma Muñoz in La Pell Buida, with Eulàlia Bergadà in Gold Dust Rush, premiered at the Grec Festival in Barcelona, as well as in several projects with Lipi Hernández such as El Cant dels Cavalls S LMON-Mercat de les Flors or Mol.leculari at the Sismògraf Festival.