Awa i Intim by NATALIA LÓPEZ SANTA CRUZ. Eivissa-Mallorca

Dates: 6-7/03 & 15-18/04/2021


AWA is a performance created in praise of water. The feminine, the receptive, the fertile, the Yin. Ritual elements such as water, salt, tulle and silk, white and blue, flowers and two performers, Natalia López and Clàudia Reig, who move between the woman and the deity, are presented on stage. They are the personification of the voice of feminine knowledge that covers her face because her face contains such power that with just one look she could culminate us. Knowledge is necessary to preserve it, protect it, transmit it with its due sacred ritual. A whole philosophy characterized by a slow, fluid, sensual, constant movement, where the forceful power of the gesture flies the viewer's imagination passing through archetypal figures and goddesses wrapped in a trance that hypnotically induces the most beautiful that existence gives us: The presence.

INTIM talks about concepts such as penance, communication with the afterlife, sensuality, the female body, gravity; what falls from the sky that refers to the unforeseen, synchronicity, vulnerability, contracting, undiscovered, exposure, time, traffic, ephemerality, twilight and how to find your way back. Putting into question if something that we internally seek is a way out or rather a way back.


Go kneading the dramaturgy of what wants to to be expressed. First, work with the poet Clarissa Sofia to mature the text and, through images, record a video-dance that will be projected on stage in the large-format work. 


Formed in Barcelona at Laboratory School of Dramatic Corporal Expression directed by Jessica Walker, where, for 10 years, she trained and worked as an experimental actress and teacher of the same methodology. Creator of the pieces: "The Waves" Virginia Woolf "Agatha" M. Duras "Hamletography" and "Lady Macbeth" W. Shakespeare. 

Internationally known as a Butoh teacher and performer, a disciple of teachers such as Atsushi Takenouchi, Minako Seki, Yumiko Yoshioka, Yuko Kaseki, Yuko Waguri, Daisuke Yomimoto, Gyohei Zaitsu, Nobuyoshi Asai, Ken Mai, Carla Llops, Rosana and others. She has collaborated in the organization, press and production of "Barcelona en Butoh" International Butoh Festival from 2010 to 2014. In physical theater and dance she has learned with Daniel Lepkoff, Gabriel Foristieri, Shahar Dor, Sebastian García Ferro, Jules Beckman.

She is currently a resident artist in Ibiza with Ritual Ibiza company She has carried out several projects with Violeta Galera combining performance art with plastic arts, creating the "Butoh Action Painting".