Intacta by MARIONA JAUME CAMPS (support Fundació Teatre Principal de Palma) – Exchange with Azala espacio



Everything affects us. Although we want to hide it, we are vulnerable. Difficult moments on a personal level that make us reflect, what are we really compared to what we project abroad? “Intacta” is the body of a woman who has created a shell full of lies, a shell with which she wants to get away from everything that hurts her. Inevitably, it can't. I am intacta.



Degree in Classical Dance at the Professional Conservatory of Music and Dance of Mallorca and Higher Degree in Dance at the Conservatory of Dance Maria d'Àvila (CSDMA). She is currently coursing a Master's degree in Cultural Management at the UOC.

She was the winner of the Art Jove IB Performing Arts Contest, with the solo Intacta (2020).

Dancer in "Things at a distance" - Poliana Lima (2020), "Pioneers" - Artistic residencies of the Dance Festival of Navarre (2020), "Things are moving, but they say nothing" - Poliana Lima, Center Choreographic Channel (2020), "Construction" - Lucía Marote by Cia LaColé. 33rd Madrid Choreographic Contest (2019), “This is not a selfie” - Social Territory (2019). Touch - Xián Martínez. Creation residence of the National Dance Company (2019).

Dancer in pieces by: William Forsythe (Vile parody of address), Lienz Chang (Initium et finis), Àngel Rodríguez (Eternity and Day and Nine Words) and Tangen-Benzal (empty.after) at RESAD, within the workshops of CSDMA interpretation (2017-2019). Three years of experience as a student and teacher of inclusive dance at the CSDMA (2016-2019). Collaboration as a CSDMA dancer with the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in learning workshops through inclusive dance (2019). Dancer of the Maria Antònia Mas Dance Studio at the EiMa Dance Festival, Mallorca (2016).