En el nom de Bach by MARIA MAGDALENA GARZÓN & TORRANDELL (support of Teatre Principal de Palma) in exchange with L’Animal a l’Esquena.

Dates: 30/08 - 10/09/21



En el nom de Bach is a trio dance and music piece that features live music performance. From the wide musical repertoire of the composer Johann Sebastian Bach I have chosen, for the present occasion, The Art of Fugue (Die Kunst der fuge), BWV 1080. This work, unfinished at the time of the composer, was composed with the idea that it was a set of examples of counterpoint techniques. Its apparent harmonic simplicity - as if it were a studio - and the fact that it is constructed from independent movements, which can be combined, alternating and repeated, gives us a versatile and suggestive framework for choreography. En el nom de Bach is a piece of dance and music that aims to continue the line of research started three years ago and that questions the stage relationship between music and dance. While the history of the relationship between the two arts leads us to reflect deeply on the major artistic movements; of its manifestations, aesthetics and procedures, this project, at least for the time being, is not intended to be a historicist or research object around baroque music and dance. However, the rapprochement between the two languages ​​seeks to recover the essentiality of the sound and body gesture in a common grammar, without sieving or conventional loads. Working from a priori written music, composed to be danced or not, provides a specific and defined framework, while providing a wide range of possibilities and compositional strategies. In this way, and succinctly, Bach's work is presented to us as a forest of symbols, as a whole continent of adventures. Its vast complexity and semantic ramifications lead us to shell out the poetics of a process of artisanal elaboration, to work from references of the cultural heritage elements, and to emphasize the meticulousness of the manipulation of the material as a compositional element. Also, En el nom de Bach is a desire to promote music already made, written. Dare to work from Bach's work is a risky and demanding gesture. From admiration and respect, to shyly delve into the study of his work reveals the meaning of the profession as a choreographer:


“Johann Sebastian Bach's music is an intimate act of the profession. So intimate that it can only be conceived from the habit, from the daily practice of a liturgy that is articulated through the manual and sincere office. That's why we say that all the voices that surround your tapestry are the result of the game with note counterpoints, an iridescence of the most essential act of binding. "

Jordi Alomar, musicologist


Also, to have the opportunity to participate closely in the process of creating What is the Word from the music of Morton Feldman by Constanza Brncic, or the professional and personal connection to the most recent creation of Mal Pelo around the Bach 's work has allowed us to redirect artistic practice and integrate new procedures. As well as giving a new perspective to the work of the body and creation and valuing its methods and strategies in the current context. While working from music is nothing new, we think that the fact that, at present, in which sound spaces and ex-novo creation prevail, a proposal based on musical archeology and classical references promotes thought between what is new and what is old, a certain tendency towards the innovated tradition?



She has a degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Girona and is currently studying the fourth year of the Higher Degree in Choreography at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.

In 2017, she won the Scholarship from the Applied Performing Arts Observatory of the Institut del Teatre for the Mirror in a Mirror project created in dance in the field of visual diversity 

She received training on flow performance with Josef Nadj and Peter Gezma at TanzLabor Frankurt, object theater with Xavier Bobés. Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Art, Palma and dance and dramaturgy with Constanza Brncic and Victòria Szpunberg at the La Caldera Creation Center, Barcelona.

In 2010 she did a residency in Berlin with Juschka Weigel, Jun Sun Kim and Elias Cohen of the dance-theater company Kosmos in Movement.

Regular training in contemporary dance, dance theater, improvisation and composition at the Municipal Dance School of Celrà (Girona) with Carme Renalias, Julyen Hamilton, Bea Fernández, Cia. Mal Pelo, Nicole Balm, Constanza Brncic, Sofía Asensio, Jordi Casanovas, Ula Korn and Lawrence de Maeyer, among others.

Workshops and courses with Lisa Nelson (tuning scores), Germán Jáuregui, Raravis Company, Marta Carrasco, Àngels Margarit, Jackie Taffanel, Carmelo Salazar, Steve Paxton and others at Animal a l'Esquena, Estruch de Sabadell, Perpignan, La Poderosa in Barcelona, ​​Espai R in Palma, etc.

Training in Graham technique, contemporary and improvisation at the El Galliner Theater School and the L'Espiral Artistic Creation Center with Natàlia Espinet, Eduard Teixidor, Dinora Valdivia. Girona.

Performer in the creative piece "Teresa" directed by Andrés Corchero released Mercat de les Flors in March 2021.