“Nunca verás nada igual porque nos da igual” by LOS INFORMALLS
Dates: 29/11 - 5/12/2021


Los Informalls are addicted to risk, to take the difficult path, to throw themselves into the abyss of facing everything they do not control and to struggle with experience, to widen their plot of comfort by walking to the limit of their capabilities.


They play and explore the ridiculous as search methods, this time the starting point being the hypothetical creation of a music album ... El destí dirà com acaba tot això. Possible release in 2023, at least!



Los Informalls is a multidisciplinary performing arts company that serves as a platform for artistic and creative creation. It represents a lifestyle based on movement, humor and social unrest, while advocating a close and sensitive art at the same time. The company moves somewhere between dance, theater and the unknown. Its creators, Fruita and Pere, transform their existential thoughts into actions that simply share the human in each scene. They are two professionals of improvisation, multipurpose Swiss Army knives, athletes of art and life, lovers of playing with the limits of what is established and that is politically correct, always willing to discover what fate offers them in each creation, action or intervention.