Gimnasia duramadre de IDOIA ZABALETA & JUAN GONZÁLEZ


Throw yourself on the ground to move, moan, babble, have a 360º vision to roll your head on the ground. Light seeps through the eyelid as you slowly open your eyes, dizziness, heat emanating from your body just before you start sweating... Preliminary states, preambles that I remember as a formless place, an anteroom where they distributed caresses and pinches to prepare the senses. Tune in.

If attention requires stubbornness, perception requires massage.

Keep trying to strengthen your eyes, hands, ears, and heart and soften your vision, touch, hearing, and passion.

To continue working on a research process on somatic technology that she has been carrying out in recent years, in parallel with her work as director of the creative space Azala. Management work decreases the time spent on the body and being fit has shifted to another level, so it is interesting to explore and work on the reported states in which the body is immersed in the warm-up phase. .

Experiment with the technology of dance warm-ups, to invent a series of massages, gymnastics and visualizations, which help to remedy the lack of training and excesses in front of the screen, keys, pixels, boxes, windows, meetings through, virtuality ... How do I look? How do I listen? How do I smell? How do I play today?

Take the opportunity to share with EIMA the experience of building, directing, articulating, raising, managing a space for artistic practice, in peripheral territories.


Idoia Zabaleta

Coreógrafa. En la Facultad de Biología se especializó en ecosistemas y dinámica de poblaciones. Estudió danza e improvisación en los años noventa. Trabajó con la compañía Mal Pelo entre 1995 y 1999. Desde el año 2000 crea su propio trabajo colaborando con otras artistas e investigadoras como Isabel de Naverán, Filipa Francisco, Antonio Tagliarini, Ixiar Rozas, Sofia Asencio entre otras. Su trabajo ha podido verse en festivales y encuentros de ámbito internacional.

Desde 2008, construye y gobierna junto con Juan González, el espacio de creación y residencias artísticas Azala, situado en el mismo pueblo donde viven.