MÓNICA PÉREZ. Management workshop

Cultural devices for a new future.

Tools to balance creativity, viability and user orientation from a living arts perspective.

Maximum number of students: 18

Target group: creators who manage cultural projects


30 min online (from 6 to 8 of july)

Friday 10/07 :17-21h at Can Balaguer (Palma)

Saturday 11/07: 10-14h + lunch+16-20h at EiMa (Maria de la Salut)

Sunday 12/07: 10-14h at EiMa (Maria de la Salut) 



To innovate means to look with different eyes, to change the perspective: from macro to micro, from the individual to the collective, from the linear to the exponential. Be creative in discovering new ways that go beyond the limitations of building a new context.

COVID-19 has created a new framework for the performing arts. The big question is whether to wait to be able to rediscover the old conditions that allow us to recover the old context or to continue to generate new devices that adapt to the current situation.

Before COVID, innovation was already present in the living arts, in reference not so much to content as to forms: breaking boundaries, carelessness about gender, a mixture of disciplines and a clear intention to stimulate the public, which is not offers -only- entertainment. The intention is to consider the own role and look at it from a different perspective.

The living arts are not just looking for theaters, they are looking for workspaces, residences, creative and research centers. The focus shifts from the piece to the project and also to the process, generating workshops, meetings and new stage devices, among other formulas.

The new forms, like the traditional ones, require us to work on them from the analysis of their viability, as well as planning, management and dissemination. However, the specificity of the living arts poses new challenges such as the creation of continuity, the generation of new formats and devices, the generation of new contexts related to the public.

The aim is to convey to participants basic management concepts to transform their idea into a viable project to be developed in the current context of the living arts.



Participants will be provided with knowledge that will allow them to analyze the viability of their idea, prepare budgets and documents to seek funding and / or sales, understand the basic phases and mechanisms of production and operation of public calls, such as grants, tenders or contests. 

We will also study the current context of creation linked to residencies and collaborative networks and analyze how relational contexts influence, both in the experience of the public and in the very definition of creative projects.


  1. An idea in constant transformation: devices versus spectacle. How to explain the project, from the idea to the document.
  2. The budget, monetary quantification of the creative idea and funding: beyond money, integrate time and other resources.
  3. Production: plan and manage resources creatively and efficiently.
  4. Distribution: get to know the product to discover new ways of marketing.
  5. New relational contexts between the creator and the artist: rethinking the audience. 



Mónica Pérez

Cultural manager specializing in performing arts, as well as internships that include professional training, critical analysis and contemporary thinking. As a manager, she develops the conceptualization of projects in interaction with the artist, as well as the structuring of her financing, executive production and national and / or international connection.

With more than fifteen years of professional experience in the sector, mainly in Valencia, Barcelona and Mallorca, she has worked in the private sector with creators, companies and festivals, such as Andrés Corchero, La Poderosa, La Porta and Antic Teatre and others; and, from the public sphere, as deputy director of Teatre Principal in Palma.

She is currently coordinating the methodological project “Grup d’Observació Local per la pràctica artística” of the Institut Valencià de Cultura, and the international relations of the Sâlmon Festival in Barcelona.