LA CONTÍNUA. CIA MARIANTÒNIA OLIVER. Resident company at EiMa Creación


From 21 to 26 of September

From 5 to 9 of October

From 11 to 16 of October

From 19 to 23 of October



The relationship between body and society has not stopped changing. Each historical moment and, of course, each culture, determine a different view of how to understand the body and how it can and tends to present itself in public space. The society of the media is also the society of the bodies. A society of bodies with and without bodies: bodies turned into images that travel at the speed of the internet; exposed bodies on the daily scene, that function, that are seen; perfect, operated, deformed, or ruined bodies; lifeless, sick, missing or excluded bodies. Its multiplication has led to the dilution of the boundaries between the public and the private, to magnify the prominence of the staging that is now occupied by politicized bodies. 

Guy Debord’s show society is the story of the relationship between body and society. The contemporary scene has turned this relationship into a space of tension from which to recover the body as a way of thinking and being in front of the other, that is, as a staging and an ethical position or what Butler calls it gender performativity.

While the look and design of the bodies is changing at a frantic pace, and 20 years since the production of our initial piece may be, depending on how you look at it, many or few years, we have a whole new field of cultivation to explore the possibilities of this proposal: we as active agents are others, the public as a non-passive agent has a place and the liquid and changing concepts with a certain perspective place us at an experimental crossroads with windows to all possible places. 




Mariantònia Oliver

She is a choreographer, dancer and cultural manager. In 1985, together with Maria Muñoz, they created the professional contemporary dance group La Dux, and in 1988, they created their own company with the show Ocho.

For almost 20 years she lived and worked in Barcelona where she participated in numerous projects as a performer, for example with Mark Tompkins or Tomàs Aragay, as a creator, together with Juan Márquez or Jordà Farré.

Since 2000 she has been based in Mallorca where she has developed her choreographic career and an interest in socially transformative aspects of the performing arts. She highlights her project “Las Muchas” and “Las Muchísimas” where she works with non-professional seniors.

She has also promoted and manages EiMa Creació, a creation center in Maria de la Salut and has given life to La Impossible, a small body arts training center in Palma, where she also works as a pedagogue.