COL·LECTIU BIOMBO with support of Teatre Principal de Palma

Dates: 29/06 – 9/07 2020



How does scheduled obsolescence affect people?

In a frantic and consumerist world, we are dominated by the consumer chain that forces us to constantly renew our belongings. The "buy - use - throw" sequence, which is called programmed obsolescence, is a reality implanted by the capitalist system itself to which we are immersed. In our artistic project we want to question how this reality affects us.

Technically, the project seeks the intersection between urban dance (hip hop / locking, popping, breaking ...) with contemporary dance and ballet; focusing on transdisciplinary and the coexistence of languages ​​as a personal and creative imprint.





Laura Llodra

She is a performer, choreographer and teacher born in Mallorca. She began her training in figure skating on 4 wheels, dedicating 10 years. She was part of the musical company Centro Stage Productions, gaining experience in singing, acting and jazz/modern.


She enhanced her training in contemporary/modern/jazz dance with artists such as: Ramon Oller, Julie Magneville, Roberta Fontana, Kiko Lopez, Raimon Ávila, Nicolas Ricchini, Bea Vergés, Carla Cervantes, Sandra Egido, Carlos Miró, Angela Bruno. At the same time, her knowledge of urban dances such as Hip Hop, Locking, Popping and Breaking enhance her versatility reflected in her dance. With training for more than 10 years with renowned artists as a freelancer, she has created dance projects at the island and national level, presented at contemporary and urban and contemporary dance competitions such as Palma Danza, Dance World Cup Spain, MOD Mallorca, February HH, Idance, Urbance...


Andrea Sen Ryo

Trained in classical ballet, tap and modern dance at the Conchita Sansó Dance Academy, she graduated in Grade III in Classical Ballet and up to Grade II in tap from the Royal Dance Academy of Dance. After six years dedicated to classical dance, she decides to explore urban dance. In 2014 he enters the world of regional, national and international competition in different recognized championships such as Urban Display, Urbance, Idance, WOD Spain, etc. In 2016 he discovers the contemporary and decides to move towards the fusion of styles and techniques. As a result of the Hip-Hop culture, he began in the world of battle, the "jam" concept and freestyle.