Devòrate by Mari Paula

Dates: August 5-13, 2019



It is a work of contemporary dance inspired by cultural anthropophagy: a concept spread by Brazilian modernism that advocated the "cannibalization" of foreign art and culture but from a deeply critical perspective with Western influence and self-identity.



Mari Paula is a Brazilian artist who did a residency at the EiMa creation center in connection with the EiMa Festival where she presented her work and participated in the Professional Conference.

She is one of the co-founders of the Casa Selvática cultural center and has been part of the main public contemporary dance companies in Brazil, of which the “Bale Teatro Guaiara” stands out. In 2015, she received the Funarte National Dance Award, Brazil. She holds a Master’s degree in Latin American Cultural Management, is an expert in art criticism, has a degree in Performing Arts and is trained by the Sao Paulo Conservatory of Dance. As a teacher she teaches her workshop "the Anthropophagous Body" at universities and dance centers in Brazil.