The Village by ZOE GYSSLER

Dates: March 16-17, 2019



The village includes 7 dancers / performers and is based on the "werewolf" game. A role-playing game that is usually played at friends parties where everyone takes on a mysterious role that is uncovered. This game reflects the complexity of social roles and group dynamics. The research will focus on how group dynamics are constructed and how a simple accusation, a game of manipulation, about goodness and evil can suddenly evolve.

This project started in the solo project "The Villager" and now wants to develop in "The Village" continuing with a second search with a group of 7 dancers / performers.



Zoe Gyssler is a dancer, performer and choreographer in the field of dance and theater. She was born in Basel and grew up in Mallorca. Trained as a gymnast, she began her studies in "Anthropology of Cultures" and "Sports Science" at the University of Basel and continued her training in contemporary dance at "Varium", Barcelona.

Back in Switzerland, she worked as a freelancer for the Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble, Marcel Leemann, continued her studies at the University and began to do her own work. In 2012 she moved to Israel to study at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. A year later she returned to Switzerland and co-founded the dance group Bufo Makmal.

In 2015 she joined the Johannes Wieland Dance Company in Kassel, Germany until 2018. While a full-time member of the Kassel Staatstheater. She also had the opportunity to work with guest choreographers such as Maxine Doyle, Tom Weinberger and Helder Seabra. In 2019 she will work with Wim Vandekeybus for the Residenztheater in Munich, Germany and Luke Murphy in Ireland. While performing, she developed her career as a choreographer.