Dates: From the 4th to the 24th of November, 2019



Eulàlia Bergadà starts from the idea of ​​identity from a group point of view; the i identity in relation to the community. She is very interested in the idea of ​​the group as an affective and vulnerable network.

The group as a mass moved by a constant and harmonic flow of motion that is susceptible to collisions or accidents. Moments of stop where we can take advantage of the opportunity to relax among ourselves in front of the environment, change towards new inertias and create new forms of expression

That is why, with this piece, she seeks to create visual, poetic and sonorous metaphors of these moments of imbalance so that the public travels through this sensory, invisible and impalpable force that she calls love.



Eulàlia Bergadà has a degree in classical and contemporary dance (2005), a post-graduate degree from IT Dansa where she was conducted by prestigious international choreographers, and a degree in Choreography from the CSD (Carrera Superior de Dansa); all at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. She is currently a dancer-performer, choreographer, movement assistant and theater director and a teacher at various centers.

Winner of the choreographic competition "Premi Institut del Teatre" 2015, presented with a production premiere at the Festival Grec 2016 in Barcelona with the play Gold Dust Rush, also co-produced by the Teatre Principal de Palma (Palma de Mallorca). As a choreographer she also has other medium format pieces such as Flying Pigs or Nixie (deep inside) piece resident in the exchange program INEXCHANGE (DansBrabant -Tilburg-).

As a dancer she has also worked on outstanding creations by different choreographers and theater directors.