Conreu (labranza) by LA MAJARA

Dates: July 1 - 30, 2018


Dance piece that searches in the essence of movement and is inspired by the peasant tradition, using the magic of the bodies of farmers and their evolutions on the earth as the engine of the creative process. A reflection of rural work full of human vitality. A look at the relationship between man and territory in analogy with the one established between the dancer and his body. A proposal that will transport you to an aesthetic full of action, of small details, of daily life and authenticity and wrapped by the stories that move this universe and load it with identity. The landscape of the countryside taken to the geography of the body.

Performers: Daniel Rosado / Paloma Hurtado / Reinaldo Ribeiro Directed by Lamajara & PielDeArena Collective.


The Lamajara Danza Collective is led by Reinaldo Ribeiro, Daniel Rosado, and Paloma Hurtado. From the meeting of this group of artists, the restlessness to question where the essence of movement can be found is born. Through a work of experimentation on physical labor and the daily life of farmers in the countryside, a language of movement is created.

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