Las Muchísimas

Workshop: 1st to 10th August / Performance 13th August Las Muchísimas is a project directed by Montse Colomé and Jordi Vidal with the cooperation of Mariantònia Oliver.   The project [...]

Jesse the Human Flag

Jesse the Human Flag defines himself as a self-taught artist and citizen of the world, having studied different techniques using audio-visual material, travelling and making contact with artists [...]


Ben Arran is a vertical dance association, formed by Aina Pascual Silva and Mima Moranta, dancers trained in contemporary, classical and aerial techniques; they have worked as performers and [...]

Lola Llobera’s students

Lola Llobera’s students from the Mandarina Dance School in Manacor will perform Amiga. Amiga is a contemporary dance choreography performed by young dance students from Manacor, inspired by the [...]


Jansky is an electroverse duet creating electronic bases from organic and non-organic sounds, including bass, piano and synthesizer, birdsong or stones. Jaume Reus uses digital manipulation to [...]

Eulàlia Bergadà

Eulàlia Bergadà is part of the generation of artists trained at Barcelona’s Instititut del Teatre, that having graduated as dancers, are now emerging as choreographers. Her graduation project was [...]


Estitxu Zaldua and Juanjo Herrero, are physical actors, graduates in Physical and Visual Theatre from Barcelona’s Institut del Teatre. Both artists share the same imaginary and the same [...]

Los Moñekos

Los Moñekos without, for, with are Sarah Anglada and Miguel Fiol, against, from, in, among all their knowledge, for, without, according to, on, to say, tell and manifest everything they carry [...]

Vuelta y Vuelta

Vuelta y Vuelta Dance Theatre company was formed in Menorca in April 2008 when a group of young dancers from all over the world met by accident and design. The company is committed to a different [...]

Joan Julià Ferriol

I’m, Joan Julià Ferriol and I’m 13. I’ve loved the circus since I was little and I’ve been going to classes for two years now, especially aerial techniques.

Aina Pascual’s students

Aina Pascual’s students from the Maria Antònia Mas Dance School will dance two pieces they have created by themselves. Aina is interested in how her students learn to define themselves, to choose [...]

Segni Mossi

Segni Mossi is a research project born from the meeting between Alessandro Lumare (visual artist) and Simona Lobefaro (choreographer). Segni Mossi investigates the relationship between dance and [...]

Elena Xibillé

Elena Xibillé is an artist from Mallorca, She studied at the Rogelio Rivel Circus School in Barcelona, the Escola Nacional de Circo in Rio, the Circo Criollo Circus School in Buenos Aires and La [...]