EiMa Creació

Arts center in Maria de la Salut (Mallorca)

  • Generates links between artists, researchers and the town of Maria de la Salut; furthermore between the town and other places in Mallorca. 
  • Meeting point, place for confluences, reflection and transfer of knowledge created by the creative process coming from the body and the movement. 
  • We are interested in projects which facilitates participation and influence in the territory:  idea of the return of arts toward society.  
  • Collaborative and creative project, of social questions through contemporary culture, related with identity with the land and territory.

EiMa Creació is a place in which invited artists, coming from different places,  share the space with professionals, who are focused on creative process, and train. 

We are searching for artists who center their creative efforts to the potential of children, adults, dance professionals and anyone from the town. Also we invite artists more concerned with creative process than with results. 

EiMa Creació is a place for artists, thinkers and researchers who need time and space to investigate or explore their own creative processes. 

We want to consider the needs of creators inside and outside the workspace and provide them with all the resources their need; it could be contacts or tools, but anything which facilitate their process to be pleasant. So they are ready to continue with their creative o researching process.  

At EiMa Creació we have been working for years with adults and children through regular classes, workshops, dance and bodywork activities.