Artistic direction: Mariantònia Oliver, creator, pedagogue and cultural manager. Artistic director of the Festival and Center of Creació EiMa. Since 1989, he directed the seventh company Mariantònia Oliver i des de l’any 2000 and became a resident of Mallorca on the creator of multiple projects d’educació and promoted the damage to Mallorca.

Administration and communication: Irene Pascual, licensed in history of art and scenery, multidisciplinary creator. From the pass Febrer s’ha incorporated into the Equip d’EiMa to carry out tasques of cultural management and communication.

Producció: Maria Gelabert, licensed in History and PhD in Archeology. Specialized in Prehistory, Anthropology and Culture of Mallorca.

Essential collaborators: Esther Cayetano, Rafel Mir, Mona Belizán, Jordi Nadal, Giussy Urru