Cia Baal Permanent Research


Dates: Various dates throughout the year.



Work process and permanent research of the company. Shows CROTCH and MiraMiró.

The final objective is the creation of a dance-performance piece based on the pharmacopornographic concept that the transfeminist philosopher P.B. Preciado has defined as a model of social control from the body based on two of the great industries of the 20th century: pharmaceuticals and pornography. Model very much in line with Foucault in his "biopolitical" description of the new systems of social control.



Cia Baal was created by Catalina Carrasco and Gaspar Morey in 2013. Among their shows we can find Viatge enlloc, Travelling, CROTCH and MiraMiró. Viatge enlloc won the CENIT 2014 for best show. Baal has been selected twice in the "Red de teatros alternativos" circuit and also for the AECID catalog. 2018 MiraMiró wins the ATAPIB special award. Baal's shows have been seen all over Spain, in Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Mexico, Korea and Turkey.