Esberlar by L’ATAPEÏDA - ELENA LALUCAT (support of Teatre Principal de Palma)

Dates: 12-25/07/2021 


Borders, furrows, imaginary paths that delimit space and that are diluted in time, in a continuous evolution. The static no longer resists, we find ourselves in a constant flow, in the space of flow and not in places. The collapse of limits places us in a fragile position, changes our gaze and subjects us to the magnificence of detail and subtlety. The idea of ​​permanence disappears and the idea of ​​perspective is focused on.

It is the vision of the citizens that configures the city, their imagination projected in space links them to the place they inhabit. Curiosity and delicacy, a new sensitivity in everyday corners. Bring out the common essence of cities and impregnate the structures with their own evocation capacity, allowing us a continuous journey through the susceptibility of change.

Open in one or more parts by breaking the point that offers less resistance.

The proposal is a crack of intimacy in the public space. We reflect on the threshold, the limits, between the interior and exterior space. 13 rugs delimit and reveal the aerial vision of a map of the home of our interpreters. A peephole in the opposite direction, which allows what is outside to look inside. The rugs make up two sets. Two tectonic plates that reveal an irregular crack through which we see the street. We bet on the ability to evoke a shared public space, by revealing the poetics contained in the intimate link between the one who makes and the one who observes within the same space.

You enter a hypothetical world, where the rule of survival is change and adaptation. The phenomenon of the earthquake is chosen as the backbone of the garment. The three characters will guide us through transitory images, only frozen for a few seconds.

The shaking of the structures, the collapse, but also the reconstruction will be the bricks of this creation. The starting point of the piece are six stories by Haruki Murakami that narrate the deranged lives of some characters who are affected by the Kobe earthquake of 1995. This fact transforms the physical and social landscape of Japan and leads its protagonists to an imminent paradigm shift.


Alma Steiner - Interpreter.

Graduated in Choreography and Dance Interpretation at the Institut del Teatre in 2018, passing through the Danish National School of Performing Arts. She works as a freelance with choreographers such as Sol Pic, Lali Ayguad, Javier Guerrero, Irene García or Claudia Mirambell, and works regularly with Kernel Dance Theater and is part of the latest Moveo production.


Pino Steiner


Graduated in Dramatic Art specializing in Physics at the Institut del Teatre, he went through the Pantomime Hamu school in Prague and studied circus for five years at the Ateneo Popular de Nou Barris and at the Rogelio Rivel Circus School. He is currently an actor in the puppet and movement company: Zero en Conducta, in the physical theater company Moveo, and in the social theater company Impacta't.


Elena Lalucat - Co-direction and interpreter.

She graduated in Choreography and Dance Interpretation at the Institut del Teatre in 2014. She trained with the Zappalà Danza Company in Italy and in 2016 she completed a postgraduate degree at the London Contemporary Dance School. Since 2016 she has worked as a freelance with different creators such as Cia Baal, Tilted Production, Cero en Conducta, Métrica Bárbara, Big Bouncers or Tercio Including, combining physical theater, object theater and movement. In 2020, she launched her company L'atapeïda.


David Macqueda - Co-direction

David has trained as an actor at the Colegio del Teatro and at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. He is founder of the company Menu Teatral, director of the company Va com Va and assistant director of the company Zero en Conducta, as well as occasionally providing directing assistance to Di Philippo Marionette (Italy) or Cía Don Davel (France). He combines it with the artistic direction of the Canovelles Microtheater Festival.