Cap:II – I’m not an influencer (Schwarzenegger exterminó mi futuro) by REINALDO RIBEIRO. Brasil-Catalunya

Dates: 19-30/04/2021


“Something is uncovered. A portal opens. I bring everything and something else just in case, I even have bricks in my pockets. It is necessary to rebuild.

The urgency that arises in calibrating past and present in the review of aesthetic and moral values. I start from concepts such as Afrofuturism, fantology and radical imagination to face this new process, which can be understood as a way of questioning "being a subject".

 Bell Hooks well defines it as those who have the right to define their own realities, establish their own identities, to name their stories as opposed to "being objects", where reality and identity are defined by others.

This new project is designed in three parts (chapters). Each chapter has a different nature and they form a kind of triptych. For the residency at EiMa, the focus will be on chapter II with the aim of creating a stage work: a possible solo. On this occasion, I have the complicit gaze of the choreographer, dancer and friend Mari Paula. During the residency we will be invoking the possible bodies of the project and delving into what ancestrality of the future means.

 This work is a space to perform subjectivity. A speech that is as political as it is personal and poetic.”


Born in Rio de Janeiro and currently living between Barcelona, ​​​​Madrid and Tenerife where he works as a performer, choreographer, creative director, teacher and coach in the field of advertising. Co-founder of the Lamajara Collective and co-director between 2013 and 2020. He trained as an actor at the ESBA (Brazilian School of Arts) and as a dancer and performer at the Contemporary Dance Workshop of the Sant Martí Theater in Buenos Aires. He has a Master's Degree in Performing Practices and Visual Culture from the UCLM (University of Castilla-La Mancha in collaboration with the Reina Sofía Museum).

In his current artistic practices he is interested in the question of the black body, identity, hybrid bodies, for the practices that confront and disassociate from Western colonial thought. In 2019 he was invited to the first international meeting of black artists in dance, an IBERESCENA project that brought together 10 choreographers from different countries of the Ibero-American agreement to discuss scenic and political practices in the field of live arts at the Choreographic Center of Rio de Janeiro.

 In his latest works, stand out the solo performance SAMBA, the cultivation project (the landscape of the countryside taken to the geography of the body) and Ígnia (co-produced by Teatres de Canal and Festival FAM de Tenerife) together with the Lamajara Collective and Black Through Red (a practice of long-distance correspondence consisting of sending postcards by regular mail for a period of one year).