DANIEL AMORÓS with the support of Teatre Principal de Palma

Dates: from August 17th to 28th


The Pink Room or Salomé project aims to deconstruct and reformulate sexuality, sensuality, eroticism and/or desire through the movement of a body that does not correspond to the feminine or masculine representation of gender, that is, from a dissident gaze. It also wants to carry out an experimental and theoretical research on the relationship between dance and the representation of sexuality or gender, as well as around the notions of desire, attraction and eroticism.

During the residency at eiMa she wants to analyze the types of movements, as well as the music, the rhythms, the focuses, the directions and other elements; built around choreographies deliberately directed towards desire. With the intention of creating a dance of its own where to find the tools and body language that manifests the performer's own and subjective eroticism, which in general represents the LGTBIQ community, and does not happen to happen a binary conception of the rules governing desire, sexuality and / or gender.



Daniel Amorós

He is a multidisciplinary and multifaceted artist who works between performance, dance, music and visual arts. He was born in Menorca and graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. He currently combines artistic practice with teaching.

He has been recognized to participate in exhibitions at the Museu Es Baluard, the Casal Solleric and the Fundació Miró in Mallorca. He has done residencies and presentations in New York, London, Romania, Balearic Islands and Barcelona.