AVATÂRA AYUSO. The Protocol.

Dates: from 14 to 19 of December 


The Protocol is a work of contemporary dance in which three unfortunate characters find themselves in an unwanted situation: they have been chosen to be the ambassadors of the first encounter between humans and unknown visitors. Its mission is to develop a strategy (a protocol) to understand the outsider and survive this peculiar meeting. Taking this unusual environment as a starting point, choreographer Avatâra Ayuso will take us on a journey where dance and live text question our approach to each other, reflecting on issues such as our inner fears and contradictions, prejudice and empathy.

 This play has been designed as a triptych and will be in three formats: An indoor play for non-traditional theater spaces / An outdoor play / A short film.  

Concept, direction and coreography: Avatâra Ayuso

Dancers: Chloe Hillyar, Georgia Thomson, Jordan Ajadi

Playwright: Nacho Vleming

Design so: Nick Rothwell



Avatâra Ayuso

She is the choreographer and director of AVA DANCE COMPANY and the founder of the NGO AWA DANCE (Advancing Women’s Aspirations with Dance). He has worked with William Forsythe, Wayne McGregor, Frédéric Flamand, Angelin Preljocaj and Shobana Jeyasingh, among others. She trained in ballet at the Conservatory of Mallorca, in Linguistics at the Complutense University of Madrid and has a Postgraduate degree from Palucca Schule Dresden. She is an Associate Artist at Teatro del Lago (Chile) and Creative Academy (United Kingdom).