Las Alegrías by Paula Quintana

Dates: February 18th to 28th 2019



Joy as a power that generates personal and community transformation, as an element of conception of life, fabric and union. LLAA / Les Alegries is the millennial diaspora of all women in the single and multiple body of Paula Quintana. An accompanied solo and a choreographed installation on the revolutionary joy that treasures the experience and the creative experience.


Team: Paula Quintana in the creation and interpretation, Javier Cuevas in dramaturgy, Roy Galán with his texts and Tahiche Días creating the scenographic space. With the production of Cèlia Zaragoza.



Paula Quintana

Actress, dancer, creator. She alternates working with companies with her career as a creator based on her own language that fuses textual language with dance in a visceral communication.

First prize in the III European Contest Contemporary Creative Woman 2016, receives the Special Prize for Best Emerging Artist / Creator, Fira Umore Azoka 2015, Vizcaya. Born in Tenerife, she has been training in classical, contemporary and flamenco dance since childhood.

After graduating in Dramatic Art, she continued her training studying and collaborating with important directors and choreographers: Yayo Cáceres (c. Ron Lalá), Fernando Soto, Gabriela Carrizo (c. Peeping Tom), Andrés Lima. In the field of contemporary dance Daniel Abreu, Chevi Muraday and Carmen Werner. Regarding flamenco with teachers from the emblematic school "Amor de Dios".


Javier Cuevas

Creator, actor and curator of contemporary performing arts. Degree in Philosophy. Coordinator of the Centro Párrega, research space for the performing arts of Murcia between 2007 and 2010. Artistic director of the Laboratori de Artes en Vivo del Teatro Leal de la Laguna (LEAL.LAV, Tenerife).

 As a creator, he premieres the plays Gracias (1 ") Límites (2011, Tenerife Auditorium), Hamlet Post Scriptum (2012, Teatre Victoria, Tenerife), Love is a dog that comes from hell (2013, Teatre Guimerá Tenerife), Dancer Lírica (2015, Auditori de Tenerife together with Sonia Gómez), El resistente y delicado hilo musical (a project by Amalia Fernández), The lieder TNT Terrassa, 2017, with the mediaturga Sara Serrano), and Viviré Aquí (Teatre Victòria Participates as a performer in En Construcción 2 by Amalia Fernández (Canal Dance Center, 2018) and has presented her work in Spain, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Algeria, Malta and Norway.