Unexploded Bomb by Elena Lalucat

Dates: From the 21st to the 31st of December



‘Unexploded Bomb’ is named after a photograph by surrealist visual artist Lee Miller. An image that portrays the absurdity and paradoxes of war and how easy it is to find surreal elements in everyday life. This project combines the fascination with this artist with the hope of returning to her own creation.

Strategies, rules, systems and constraints were the protagonists of the initial research of the project. The interest lies in how the performer positions herself in front of them, obeying them as if they were an absolute truth and at the same time looking for the cracks that allow her to play with the trap.



Elena Lalucat holds a degree in Dance Choreography and Performance from the Theater Institute in 2014 and a master’s degree from the London Contemporary Dance School.

She has worked as a freelancer with the Giovane Compagnia Zappalà (Sicily), Olatz de Andrés, or Danae Morfoniou and since 2016 she has collaborated with Cia Baal / Catalina Carrasco, Maresa Von Stockert / Tilted Productions (London) and the company physical theater and puppets Zero in Conduct. She is also part of the LEMA collective with whom they premiered Cúmul (2017) with which they won the third prize of the Vic Choreographic Contest. In 2015 she won the Art Jove / Mallorca Choreographic Contest award.